Monday, April 20, 2009

Izzy used the potty!!!

Last Friday I finally decided I was going to deal with the stress of potty training.  After Joseph got home from work we started working on it.  To keep her interested I got an alphabet match game out and she was running in circles around the wall that separates the kitchen and living room between each turn.  Well, she started getting bored in the game and liked running so I started putting the game away.  She had an accident.  So she cleaned it up and we tried again.  Not more than five minutes later she said she had to use the potty.  We went and sat her down and she said, "what is that I hear?" just like her potty book tells her to do.  SHE DID IT!!  Then she said, "I'm so proud of me!"

Friday, April 3, 2009

Fund raising overload

I don't know if I'm just more aware of this today or if it is just that time of year or maybe its a sign of our weak economy. I feel like every turn I make there is a great cause asking for money. I wish I could give everyone $20, but I can't afford a couple hundred dollars. So I want to write a note about the different causes I've come in contact to, what I think about them, and where I am going to put my money and why.

I came across Madonna's film called "I am because we are" Its a heart moving film, very touching. I learned a lot about myself and humanity watching it. I was even compelled to make a flair for it. Although I am not going to donate my money to this cause. As I watched it reminded me that their problem is not just their problem... its a world problem. They are doing a great job with what they have and I predict some of those kids will end up being very wealthy. They do need money, but what I would like to do is donate to my local neighborhood in encouraging my kids that they too can change the world. That they too can solve problems. That they have the power to be more than they are. I don't believe I can change anything (but I do like to try) I see great wealth in learning and believing that you can change the world.

My childhood friend posted a link on her profile to raise money for her autistic child. I've spoken with her mother recently and learned a little more about their situation. Needless to say I donated to her cause. She doesn't have the resources or celebrity status to raise millions. She deals with this on a daily basis, every little bit helps. My money will be pooled, part will go to assist families dealing with autism, another part will go to research the cause and cure of it, and another part will go to political advocation for families with autism.

Like most people I like to use my money for me. Radio West is raising money right now. I love listening to their programing. My husband and I have discussed that we would like to donate to things like this because we really like it and have already benefited from it. We haven't given them any money though. Why haven't I? Its not convenient. I have to call them with my credit card in hand, then have to deal with them pushing other great causes on me to support. When all is said and done I would probably feel bad that I couldn't donate more... so I don't donate anything. Maybe it wouldn't be so hard if I did it online, but that takes effort and I would rather just keep my money. Plus, it has the power to reach many people so I believe it will raise enough money to keep going.

Chad Hardy is trying to raise money to sue BYU for his diploma. I think this is a great cause! He finished all of the requirements to receive his degree, but it is being withheld because he participated in making a sexy calendar of return missionaries which caused his local church leaders to excommunicate him. He has a good case and I would like to see legislation made to protect others from such religious abuse. The school wont even consider if his excommunication was warranted. Anyway, I haven't donated to this cause yet. I'm debating whether I think my $20 would really help him win. I feel like I really can't make a difference in this area. The giant is too big and I'm afraid of being crushed too. *thinking music* I am going to donate to this.

 The salvation army sent me a letter today. I have donated to them before, but I'm going to pass on this one. I've already given $40 today.

Tonight I am going to do my own fund raising. The school my three-year-old is going to doesn't have many children's books. I am a consultant for Usborne books so we are having a party tonight. Our goal is to sell $500 in books so the school can get free and half priced books. This is a different type of fund raising because the customers will get some really awesome books for supporting the school. I think that since Easter is coming up the show will be very successful. I love that I can offer this to the school and I feel like I'm giving them a lot without having to give them my money. In fact, I might actually make money.

So, my point in writing this. Put your money where your heart is. There are good causes out there that need your support. You can't support all of them. So where is your heart? Today mine is with my old friend, the abused underdog, and my child's school.

That is good.

Amanda Otterstrom

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Baby talk

I love Abigail's baby talk.  She's such a cutie.

Monday, March 16, 2009

New Car!!!

This is our Mazda3 Hatchback '09.  We love it!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Abby using her voice

I recorded Abigail earlier, then showed it to her.  She was so excited I recorded her again and got this.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Abigail's Special Day

We had a wonderful celebration on March 1st to celebrate Abigail joining our family.  I had crocheted a dress for her to wear, but she out grew that a month earlier.  So we dressed her in her grandma Joyce's dress.  There is a picture of grandma Joyce in that dress when she was about 5 or 6 months old.  We had my sister's family join us through Skype, it was nice to see them and I'm glad they could participate. For the candle ceremony I was surprised how many times we had to restart.  The first time we lite the candle and it just burnt out.  Then Joseph couldn't get the match to lite.  Then he finally got the candle burning again and Isabel blow it out.  Finally, after a few more matches we got the first candle going.  At the end of the ceremony we passed around the dream candle, I'm surprised that it got through so many kids without blowing out.  Yet, it got to Isabel and she immediately blew it out.  So we started it again and let it continue to be passed around.  After the program we had a huge meal.  We made sure we had a food to represent every color of the rainbow.  It was so we can celebrate our diversity as well as our similarities.  Everyone we talked to really enjoyed it, which is really nice because we made up the ceremony ourselves.  It meant a lot to us to welcome Abigail into our family and have a big, wonderful celebration.

Abigial's Special Day